The Spirit Of Socialism Vs. The American Spirit

The Spirit of Socialism vs. the American Spirit

By Abhi Samuel. Remarks Delivered May 1, 2019 to students at St. Joseph’s Catholic Academy, Boalsburg, Pa. Last October I became an American citizen, and it was one of the proudest and most cherished moments in my life. I want…

How Government Can Help Pa. Prosper

How Government Can Help Pa. Prosper

As Pennsylvania employers and business owners, we regularly think long term. Whether expanding our companies, hiring new workers, planning capital investments or responding to economic downturns, we base decisions not simply on immediate benefits or drawbacks but on long-term results.…

Amazon Loss Can Be Pa.’s Gain

Amazon Loss Can Be Pa.’s Gain

By: Matthew J. Brouillette -- “The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat.” Jim McKay popularized this phrase on ABC’s Wide World of Sports, but the race to secure Amazon’s HQ2 showed economic contests can deliver their own thrills and…

Will SEIU’s Millions Buy Wolf’s Veto Of Anti-Poverty Bill?

Will SEIU’s Millions Buy Wolf’s Veto of Anti-Poverty Bill?

HARRISBURG, October 18, 2018—Yesterday, the General Assembly sent Gov. Tom Wolf transformative welfare reform that would help thousands of Pennsylvanians escape poverty through meaningful work or volunteer requirements. While low-income, healthy Pennsylvanians trapped in cycles of poverty have the most…

Oral Argument Scheduled Sept. 13 In Wolf Budget Lawsuit

Oral Argument Scheduled Sept. 13 in Wolf Budget Lawsuit

News Release —The Commonwealth Court has scheduled oral argument, sitting en banc, in the lawsuit seeking to hold Gov. Tom Wolf and the Pennsylvania General Assembly accountable for violating the state constitution’s balanced budget requirement. WHAT: Oral Argument in Brouillette, et…

What Janus Ruling Means For Gov. Wolf’s Agenda

What Janus Ruling Means for Gov. Wolf’s Agenda

News Release:  June 27, 2018—Today’s historic Supreme Court ruling in Janus v. AFSCME, upholding Mark Janus’ right to choose whether to fund a government union, is a major win for worker freedom—and a major loss for Gov. Tom Wolf and his…

Pennsylvanians Spared Utility Bill Hike

Pennsylvanians Spared Utility Bill Hike

By Matthew J. Brouillette. Editorial Note: This piece was originally published in the Somerset Daily American on June 6, 2018. Since then, the Legislature did not embrace Wolf's severance tax proposal and passed a budget with no tax increases.  Who…

The Emergence Of The Imperial Judiciary In Pa.

The Emergence of the Imperial Judiciary in Pa.

By Chris Comisac, Bureau Chief, Capitolwire. Note: This article first appeared at Capitolwire on 3/26/18 and is reprinted with permission.  Apparently democracy is under attack in Pennsylvania, with figurative warning shots having been fired over the bow of a so-called…

Where Is The Outcry?

Where Is the Outcry?

By Matthew J. Brouillette. Pennsylvania journalists are no strangers to exposing political corruption. That’s why the recent lack of journalistic outrage over the longstanding systematic abuse of public resources for political gain is mystifying to say the least.