Abhi Samuel

Director of Entrepreneur Engagement

Abhi was born and raised in India, and after witnessing first-hand the atrocities socialism brought to “the masses,” he saw the flourishing brought about by free-enterprise and limited government when he moved to America in 2005. He became a proud American citizen in 2018.

He joined Commonwealth Partners in January 2019 from the Commonwealth Foundation to engage entrepreneurs in changing political culture in Pennsylvania. Abhi resides in Camp Hill with his wife and three children.

Bethany Wilston

Chief of Staff

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Bethany has a passion for preserving freedom and choices for all who live in this great commonwealth. Prior to her work at Commonwealth Partners, she was a contractor for a large sales organization and earned the use of seven free cars.

Bethany resides in the Harrisburg area with her husband. In her free time, you can find her baking, working out, reading, or enjoying a glass of red wine.

Gina Diorio

Public Affairs Director

A Garden State expatriate who loves all things Jersey (except their sports teams, as they essentially have none), Gina studied history and public policy and spent several years working in federal politics before fully appreciating how states can take the lead in unleashing opportunity across the country.

Outside the policy arena, Gina enjoys running Pennsylvania’s many trails, playing the piano, and singing too loudly in her car to musical theater soundtracks.

Jeremy Baker

Political Director

Jeremy knows the collective force of the citizens will always be better able to achieve social prosperity than the authority of the government.

In DC, he worked to pass significant legislation protecting students, and, as a grassroots activist-turned-lobbyist in Pennsylvania, he has fought to block harmful tax increases, provide educational opportunity for ALL kids, and limit the power of special interests.

Jeremy lives in central PA with his wife and three children. When he is not winning elections, he is probably hunting, reading about some war, or teaching his kids wrestling moves (much to his wife's horror).