News & Brews July 26, 2022

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Fetterman has out-raised Oz since primary election

Since the May 17 primary election, Democrat U.S. Senate candidate John Fetterman has “dramatically out-raised” Republican Mehmet Oz, the Inquirer reports. While their 2022 pre-primary fundraising was comparable, Fetterman raised more than $8 million from May 17 to June 30, while Oz raised about $1 million. Read the story here.

Shapiro unveils economic plan

City & State PA reports that Democrat gubernatorial nominee Josh Shapiro this week unveiled his plan “to help businesses secure permits and access applications, slash the state’s business tax rate, sign legislation to cut carbon emissions and increase funding for career and technical education.” Meanwhile, GOP gubernatorial nominee Doug Mastriano has said Shapiro “is blind to the benefits of small government, the wonders of the free market system, and the transformative power of our energy sector.” Click here for the story.

DOS set to advertise proposed constitutional amendments

After botching its duty to advertise a proposed constitutional amendment last year, the Department of State is not making the same mistake twice. PennLive reports, “Advertisements will begin appearing in newspapers across Pennsylvania next week about six proposed changes to the state constitution….” These amendments would: “Open a two-year window for child sexual abuse victims to file civil lawsuits; Spell out there is no right to a taxpayer-funded abortion or guarantee of the right to an abortion; Allow the gubernatorial nominee [to] select his running mate with party approval instead of allowing voters to make that selection; Require voters to produce an identification every time they vote; Allow the General Assembly to disapprove executive branch regulations; and Authorize the auditor general to regularly audit election results.” The full story is here.

A history of Fetterman’s ‘evolution’ on environmental issues

StateImpact Pennsylvania tracks Democrat John Fetterman’s “evolution on climate change, fracking and the environment” over the past nearly 15 years. From pushing for carbon caps to not talking about carbon caps, Fetterman’s history “charts a clear shift to the center as he tries to walk a precarious line, familiar to Pennsylvania Democrats across the state, torn between appealing to environmentally-minded voters, unions, and economic interests in the nation’s second largest natural gas-producing state, behind only Texas.” Check out the story here.

Op-Ed: Shorten timeline for CNIT rate cut

Sen. Ryan Aument (R-Lancaster County) had an op-ed in the Erie Times-News calling for an acceleration in the timeline for reducing Pennsylvania’s corporate net income tax rate from 9.99% to 4.99%. Aument writes, “Tax reform is … about jobs and, in fact, increasing revenues. As it now stands, it will take a decade for the competitive CNI rate of 4.99% to kick in. The talk must now turn toward shortening that timeline. People don’t need these jobs eventually — they need them right now.” Read Sen. Aument’s piece here.

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