News & Brews July 27, 2022

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Liberal super PAC courts swing voters in Pa. & other battleground states

POLITICO reports that the liberal “Family Friendly Action PAC” which is funded by groups including AFSCME and the dark-money Sixteen Thirty Fund, plans to spend $23 million to support Democrat U.S. Senate candidates in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona, and New Hampshire. The PAC’s canvassing efforts “will focus on turning out Democrats and winning over independents and moderate women voters in suburban areas.” Read more here.

New Shapiro ad takes aim at Mastriano

Democrat Josh Shapiro is running a new ad targeting Republican Doug Mastriano over his challenge to the 2020 election results. The Hill reports, “The ad is notable because Pennsylvania’s secretary of state, who is in charge of overseeing elections, is appointed by the governor instead of chosen through an election.” You can watch the ad here.

Q&A with GOP Lt. Gov. nominee Carrie Lewis DelRosso

City & State PA caught up with Republican Lt. Gov. nominee state Rep. Carrie Lewis DelRosso to talk about what she’s done right to win elections, what she would do as lieutenant governor, and what she would say to undecided voters. Read the interview here.

Landmark school funding trial comes to a close

Arguments have finally concluded in the long-running case challenging how Pennsylvania funds public education. The AP reports, “Commonwealth Court Judge Renee Cohn Jubelirer did not indicate when she will rule but said lawyers have left her with a massive record to review,” adding, “The case could result in substantial changes, as the plaintiffs are challenging whether the amounts and method of distribution of the annual education subsidies issued by the General Assembly comport with the Pennsylvania Constitution.” (More specifically, the case could result in the courts dictating education funding amounts, which is the responsibility of the legislature.)

Analysis: Pa.’s youth crime crisis tied to absent parents

RealClear Pennsylvania’s Michael Torres writes that Pennsylvania, like many other states, “is experiencing a youth crime crisis.” But while some look to programs or policies as the answer, Torres continues, “Data from the state’s Juvenile Court Judges’ Commission suggest that a major factor in crime among youth is family structure.” In short, he concludes, “No amount of funding for school psychiatrists can make up for tens of thousands of absent parents.” Read his piece here.

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