News & Brews June 7, 2022

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The latest on Fetterman’s health & recovery

City & State PA gives an update on “what we know about John Fetterman’s health.” Fetterman said he learned in 2017 that he had a heart condition but did not follow his cardiologist’s treatment plan. He also avoided going back to the doctor and, “As a result,” he says, “I almost died.” That said, his cardiologist said that if Fetterman follows his advice now, he will be able to continuing campaigning for Senate and would be able to serve in that role. Read more here.

Lawmakers disagree on how to cut CNIT

PennLive reports that as budget negotiations get underway, support is growing to reduce Pennsylvania’s 9.99% corporate net income tax rate. But while Republicans want to outright cut the rate, Democrats want to pair the cut with tax increases elsewhere. Read more here.

Points of agreement on election reform?

The Erie Times-News takes a look at several election-related reforms where there are some points of agreement between Republicans and Democrats, including pre-canvassing ballots and purging voter rolls. What are the likelihood these and other reforms will pass? The story ranks the items “from the probable to the highly unlikely.” Meanwhile, also on the election front, yesterday the state Senate voted 30-19 in favor of a bill that would, among other things, eliminate the residency requirements for poll workers. The legislation, sponsored by GOP Senator and gubernatorial nominee Doug Mastriano, drew criticism from Democrats, who say it encourages voter intimidation and is a solution in search of a problem.

House appropriations chair reacts to primary defeat

House Appropriations Chair Stan Saylor, who has served in the legislature for 28 years, was “a little bit” surprised on primary election day when he lost to challenger Wendy Fink, who challenged Saylor for not being conservative enough and said it’s time for a new voice in Harrisburg. ABC27 has Saylor’s reaction to the loss, including his position that he’s “disappointed” in a fellow lawmaker who supported Fink and believes that lawmaker needs to “get educated about how things work in government.” Separately, Senate Appropriations Chair Pat Browne conceded his close primary race yesterday to challenger Jarrett Coleman, marking losses for both chambers’ powerful appropriations chairs.

Philly business owners blame city violence on weak enforcement

In the wake of Saturday’s shooting on South Street in Philly, area business owners say there is a climate of lawlessness in the city, brought on by officials who refuse to enforce existing laws. (Somehow, the Inquirer story manages not once to mention Philly District Attorney Larry Krasner, who has gained a reputation for not prosecuting crime.)

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