News & Brews June 6, 2022

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McCormick concedes Senate primary

On Friday evening, David McCormick conceded the GOP Senate primary to Dr. Mehmet Oz, as the ongoing recount failed to show McCormick making the gains needed to close the narrow gap between the two candidates. This now sets the stage for Oz to face Democrat John Fetterman in November in a widely watched race that’s expected to be wildly expensive.

GOP launches first anti-Fetterman ad

Speaking of the Senate race, POLITICO reports that the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) has launched its first attack ad against Democrat John Fetterman. The story notes, “The NRSC said it is putting just under $1.5 million behind the ad from Friday through June 16 on broadcast and cable TV. A 15-second version of the spot will also run digitally.” You can view the ad here.

Lawmakers respond to Philadelphia shooting

On Saturday evening, a fight in Philly turned violent, as shooting broke out, killing three people, including innocent bystanders, and injuring 11. This brings the number of people shot in Philly this year to more than 920. Lawmakers immediately reacted to the shooting, with many of them calling for increased gun control laws. Read more here.

State looks to overhaul hiring process

PennLive reports on how state government is working to overhaul its hiring process to make the commonwealth a “premier employer.” Not surprisingly, in some ways government is working to mimic the private sector, because, apparently the private sector is better at some things than government is.

Most PA towns losing population; where does yours rank?

The Morning Call compiled data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s annual population estimates for more than 2,500 PA cities and towns to show that “1,553 towns had fewer people on July 1, 2021, than they did on the same date in 2020…. A little more than a third of towns — 867 — gained people from year to year, while 151 places are estimated to have the same number of residents.” Click here (and scroll down) for an interactive map showing how your town fared.

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