News & Brews August 24, 2023

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Pa. Republicans react to first presidential debate

The Delaware Valley Journal covers reactions among Pa. Republican political operatives to last night’s GOP presidential debate. The consensus seems to be there was no real winner—and no real loser. “However, few political observers believe the debate changed the fundamental dynamics of a race still dominated by former President Donald Trump.”

Op-Ed: ‘Shapiro’s wrong approach to grid reliability’

Commonwealth Foundation Senior Fellow Gordon Tomb writes in RealClear Energy that while Gov. Josh “Shapiro wants reliable power … he’s banking on unreliable sources to provide it.” Specifically, Shapiro wants “wind and solar power, which aren’t cheaper than traditional fossil fuel plants and can, in some cases, increase overall carbon emissions. In short, they add costs for consumers and undermine reliability.”

DeSantis coming to Pa. 

It’s no secret Pennsylvania remains the Keystone State when it comes to presidential politics. And it’s also no secret that presidential hopefuls will descend on Pa. over the coming months. So, it’s no surprise that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis will be in Pennsylvania next month. DeSantis is scheduled to be in Harrisburg on September 5 for a ticketed breakfast hosted by current and former lawmakers and candidates.

Poll: Trump, Biden at statistical tie in Pa., and Shapiro’s favorability is high 

A new Franklin & Marshall College Poll of registered voters in Pa. shows a potential rematch between President Biden and former President Trump is a statistical tie, at 42%-40%. Meanwhile, Gov. Shapiro’s job approval stands at 47%. His favorability rating, however, is 56%—the highest of any governor at this time in his first term in nearly 30 years. Click here for a poll summary, and scroll down to download the poll toplines.

Podcast: ‘Parental choices and challenges in Pa.’

RealClear Pennsylvania Deputy Editor Michael Torres joins the City Journal podcast to discuss K-12 education topics in Pa. and beyond. Torres talks through some of his research on school polices that prohibit teachers and school staff from telling parents about their child’s gender transitioning. He also discusses Gov. Shapiro’s betrayal on supporting Lifeline Scholarships as well as so-called “culturally relevant teaching.” Listen here.

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