News & Brews August 8, 2023

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Pa. pols line up behind presidential candidates

The Erie Times-News gives a rundown of whom Pa. politicians are endorsing in the 2024 presidential race. Not surprisingly, multiple Democrats—including Gov. Shapiro—are lining up behind President Biden. And multiple Republicans are backing former President Trump. But Republicans are not unified. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis also picks up some endorsements.

Here’s what Pa. Dems would do if they took the Senate

Pa. Senate Democrats are eyeing Michigan and Minnesota as examples of what they would do if they were to gain a Senate majority in Pa. The AP reports that Democrats in those states have “enacted far reaching policy changes” And they “have been unapologetic about  … implementing their own liberal agendas.

Kenney’s PAC gave big to … consultants? 

It’s not unusual for candidates to spend oodles of money on campaign consultants. The Inquirer looks at Mayor Jim Kenney’s political action committee, Kenney PAC. When Kenney launched the PAC in 2020, he said it would “help progressive candidates in the forthcoming legislative races in Pennsylvania….” But of the more than $780,000 the PAC has spent over the last three years, “only about $60,000 went to other campaigns.” The bulk, nearly $475,000, went to consultants.

A space hub in Pittsburgh? 

City & State PA reports on the effort to “form a space and innovation district in Pittsburgh.” According to the Keystone Space Collaborative, the aim is for the district to be a “space and defense innovation industry cluster.” Cape Canaveral, watch out?

Marijuana use in Philly among highest in world’s cities 

The Inquirer reports that according to a new study, “Philadelphia is among the largest cannabis-consuming cities on the planet. On average, Philadelphians in total consume about 10.6 metric tons — or about 23,369 pounds — of marijuana a year, making Philly the 15th-highest cannabis-using location of 140 surveyed cities worldwide.” The study comes as some state lawmakers are pushing to legalize recreational marijuana.

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