News & Brews July 24, 2023

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>1,800 former state employees get >$100K per year in pensions

PennLive reports that a Right-to-Know request revealed that more than 1,800 former Pa. state employees “are collecting more than $100,000 annually from Pennsylvania’s two state public pension systems.” In fact, “One Penn State retiree collects $1.2 million in state pension benefits each year.” And “Some former Pennsylvania state government and school employees are paid more in retirement than they ever earned while working.” What’s more, “The number of six-figure earners has almost doubled in the past eight years.” Although this is the exception and “not the norm,” the figures give a glimpse into our pension systems’ massive liabilities. Click here for the story or here for a searchable database.

Counties brace for impact of Shapiro’s budget mess

The AP reports, “Counties in Pennsylvania are preparing to get by without payments for some of the social services … as a state budget stalemate between Gov. Josh Shapiro and lawmakers drags into its fourth week.” The impasse came after Shapiro reneged on his promise to support Lifeline Scholarships following his inability to get his own party on board in the House. While a few weeks delay won’t really be felt by counties, a months-long delay would. And lawmakers aren’t set to return to Harrisburg until September.

Visits by both Bidens show Pa. is ‘pivotal’ to 2024

The Post-Gazette observes that visits by both President and First Lady Biden to Pa. within 72 hours show the state is critical to the president’s re-election bid. “The Biden trips through Pennsylvania are becoming a familiar part of his political playbook,” the story notes.

Watch: In-depth briefing on funding for state-related universities

On Thursday, House GOP Appropriations Chair Seth Grove (York County) briefed members of the media on Gov. Shapiro’s “Great Betrayal Budget” along with “a path forward to funding state-related universities.” Click here to read a summary of the briefing or to watch a video of the full event. (Scroll down for the video.)

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