News & Brews July 21, 2023

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Biden talks ‘Bidenomics’ in Philly

President Joe Biden was in Philly yesterday touting his economic agenda, or “Bidenomics,” which he equated with “the American Dream.” The Inquirer reports that Biden is hoping to win favor with voters, but his “message could be a tough sell.” Indeed, his approval rating on the economy remains low. Separately but relatedly, the Commonwealth Foundation’s Nathan Benefield explained how ‘Bidenomics’ does not “add up for Pennsylvania or America.”

Government union endorses antisemitism

Fairness Center President and General Counsel Nathan McGrath writes in The Hill that a union affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers has endorsed antisemitic hate speech. The endorsement came after a commencement speaker at the City University of New York (CUNY) Law School gave what’s been called a “Nuremberg-style screed.” And the union sided with her. McGrath writes how his firm is representing several Jewish professors who are being forced to be represented by this antisemitic union.

Students weren’t alone in COVID shutdown losses; teachers lost, too

A study from the Center on Reinventing Public Education found that three years after COVID, “school system leaders report that the pandemic weakened instruction.” Among the key findings were that “Good teaching … suffered after three years of disruptions,” and that “School systems that had to refocus staff on the basics of teaching instead of academic recovery may need new solutions to support students with profound needs.” The Wall Street Journal has an editorial on the study, which you can read here. Or click here for the full study.

TIME profiles U.S. Senator John Fetterman’s fight with depression

The cover story of TIME is on “How John Fetterman Came Out of the Darkness.” The piece includes a candid interview with Sen. Fetterman. And topics include his struggle with depression, his decision to seek treatment, his experience with treatment, and what it’s like on the other side. His goal on this struggle that crosses party, economic, social, and every other line “is to be the voice that might have pulled him out of the darkness.”

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