News & Brews July 13, 2023

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Fiscal code fight looms

Penn Live looks at how the ongoing budget impasse may play out in the fiscal code. This is the legislation that provides the mechanism and language for implementing the budget. Although the House and Senate both passed a spending plan—with Gov. Shapiro’s promise to House Dems that he would line-item veto Lifeline Scholarships—neither chamber has passed this implementation legislation.

Arrests in Philly drop as reported incidents rise

From 2018-2022, arrests in Philadelphia dropped 45% even as the number of incidents reported to police rose 32%. Broad + Liberty reports that “in 2018, there were 78 arrests for every 100 incidents reported. By 2022, however, that ratio dropped to 32.” The reason, however, is not agreed upon by everyone.

Jill Biden to tout ‘Bidenomics’ in Pa. next week

First Lady Jill Biden will travel to Pittsburgh next week as part of the Biden administration’s “Bidenomics” tour hitting several battleground states. The name refers to Biden’s “efforts to invest in infrastructure, boost U.S. manufacturing and create jobs,” per the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. It’s not yet known the exact day, time, or location of First Lady Biden’s visit. (Of course, there’s risk in branding anything by your own name. Hard to escape the blame if it doesn’t go as planned.)

Op-Ed: Shapiro can still rescue kids

In an op-ed in the Delaware Valley Journal, the Commonwealth Foundation’s Steve Bloom explains how Gov. Shapiro can still rescue children trapped in failing schools, despite the fact that he broke his promise to support Lifeline Scholarships.

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