News & Brews December 15, 2022

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Battle over House control spills over to proposed constitutional amendments

Earlier this year, Gov. Wolf sued the General Assembly over several proposed constitutional amendments. On Monday, a lawyer for the House Dems sent a letter to the lawyer for the Legislature, telling him he can no longer represent the General Assembly in its entirety since the House adjourned and there’s currently no House Speaker. The lawyer for the Legislature responded, saying Republicans currently hold the majority and he intends to continue representing the Legislature unless the court tells him otherwise. Oral argument was scheduled for yesterday, and the Inquirer’s Jonathan Lai reported, “To avoid delay in the immediate matter at hand (oral argument), the court said it was taking the letters under advisement and argument proceeded as planned….”

Will Shapiro try to change Pa. pension plans?

The Inquirer notes that as Montgomery County Commissioner, Gov.-elect Josh Shapiro “led a radical redo of the half-billion-dollar county retirees pension plan in 2013.” While Shapiro would have “leverage at the state pension system, SERS, because he appoints six of its 11 trustees,” he would have “less influence” at the Public School Employees Retirement System (PSERS), as he appoints only three of the 15 trustees. What’s more, “[t]at board is typically dominated by suburban and upstate PSEA teachers’ union local leaders … and their allies, including legislators who receive teachers’ union political contributions.” (Of course, Shapiro has also received teachers’ union political donations, to the tune of nearly $2 million in the 2022 governor’s race.)

As Toomey leaves office, a look at 12 years in the Senate

The Philly Inquirer has a long-form story on Sen. Pat Toomey’s 12 years of service in the U.S. Senate, focusing on how “his shifting role within the GOP reflects how the party has changed around him.” Separately, click here for the Inquirer’s Q&A with Toomey about his time in office.

State rep. to announce campaign for Philly mayor

Democrat state Rep. Amen Brown will become the latest to toss his hat into the ring in the race for the Democrat nomination for Philadelphia Mayor. He enters a crowded field, but the Inquirer reports, “Brown will … likely separate himself on policy, and present as one of the more conservative options on the Democratic side. He has for several years enjoyed political support from groups in Pennsylvania … that tend to back Republicans and candidates who support charter schools or expanding school choice.”

DelRosso will not run for open House seat

Yesterday, former state Rep. and GOP Lt. Gov. nominee Carrie Lewis DelRosso announced she will not run for the House seat left vacant by the passing of Rep. Tony DeLuca. “After much consideration and many discussions with my family and colleagues, I have decided not to be a candidate for the 32nd District special election,” DelRosso’s said. Republican committee members are scheduled to meet this Saturday to select their nominee. Democrats recently made their pick.

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