News & Brews October 25, 2022

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How to watch tonight’s U.S. Senate debate

Democrat John Fetterman and Republican Mehmet Oz are set to appear tonight in their only debate before the Nov. 8 election. The 60-minute debate, moderated by ABC27 anchor Dennis Owens and WPXI anchor Lisa Sylvester, will begin at 8:00 p.m. and will air statewide on the channels/stations listed below: (H//t to PennLive for providing this info.)

The debate will also be streamed at,, and

Fetterman campaign ‘seeks to lower expectations’ for debate

Speaking of the debate, POLITICO national political reporter Holly Otterbein tweeted that John Fetterman’s campaign sent a memo to reporters that “seeks to lower expectations” for this evening’s debate. The memo states, in part, “We’ll admit — this isn’t John’s format.” It goes on to say that Fetterman “is going to win this race — even if he doesn’t win the debate.”

Scuttlebutt on new tax breaks for natural gas?

Spotlight PA says that lawmakers and Gov. Wolf are quietly negotiating a $3.6 billion tax break for certain natural gas development in Pa. “The proposed credits, totaling $180 million a year, are aimed at different industries including hydrogen production, milk processing, and biomedical research…. The incentives would sunset in 2045, putting the potential price tag of foregone state taxes at roughly $3.6 billion if the credits are claimed in full.” As a gift to unions, the draft bill reportedly “would mandate construction jobs receive the prevailing wage.” But the deal isn’t done and the clock is ticking, as this week is the last week the Legislature is in session until late November, and the legislative session ends Nov. 30. The merits of the agreement (or lack thereof) aside, why would lawmakers be looking to cut a deal with a lame duck governor? Makes you wonder what lawmakers are handing over to Gov. Wolf in exchange….

Lincoln Institute releases Keystone Business Climate Survey

Yesterday, the Lincoln Institute of Public Opinion & Research released its Fall 2022 Keystone Business Climate Survey, which surveyed small businesses on topics including their greatest challenge, the impact of rising interests rates on capital projects, overall business conditions in Pennsylvania, and more. Click here to see the survey results.

As Pa. test scores drop, Philly ranks near bottom among big cities

The Inquirer reports that even as the national average math and reading scores on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) “dipped drastically since 2019,” Pennsylvania’s decline was “slightly steeper” than the average. What’s more, “Philadelphia students’ scores ranked near the bottom of 26 large city school districts.” The story blames “the pandemic,” but as education choice expert Corey DeAngelis highlights in a Twitter thread, students in many schools that stayed open for in-person learning fared better. So maybe it was less the pandemic and more government’s response.

House committee investigating Krasner releases interim report

Yesterday, the House Select Committee on Restoring Law & Order released its second interim report, which, while critical of Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, did not mention impeachment (although such a recommendation may very well come in the final report, slated to be released in the coming weeks). The committee voted 5-0 to send the report to the full House. Included in the unanimous vote were state Reps. Amen Brown and Danilo Burgos, both of Philly. City & State PA has more.

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