News & Brews August 25, 2022

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Oz could be first Muslim senator, ‘but it’s complicated’

If elected, Republican Mehmet Oz would be the first Muslim elected to the U.S. Senate, but the AP reports that many Muslims “may not identify with him culturally or politically.” His religion alone won’t be enough to woo all Muslim voters, who say “he’ll have to win them over on the issues just as with all voters.”

Dems think they have chance of taking Pa. House this year

Despite a national climate unfavorable to Democrats, “Pennsylvania Democrats say they may be within striking distance of one of their longest-sought goals: upending the status quo in Harrisburg and taking control of at least one chamber of the legislature, which has been controlled by the GOP for more than a decade,” the Inquirer reports. Their cautious optimism is due to the recent redistricting process, in which Democrats won their efforts to control the process to benefit their party.

New poll: Fetterman, Shapiro continue to lead

According to a new Emerson College Poll of “very likely” voters, John Fetterman is leading Mehmet Oz 48%-44%, while Josh Shapiro leads Doug Mastriano 47% to 44%. This is the latest of several polls showing the Democrat pair in the lead, while the margins of those leads has varied.

Lawmakers consider alternatives to bridge-tolling plan

After a court struck down the plan to toll up to nine bridges across Pennsylvania, the Senate Transportation Committee held a hearing yesterday to consider other options to fund these infrastructure projects. PennLive reports, “Among the funding alternatives brought out during the hearing was a mileage-based user fee on electric vehicle owners since they don’t pay the state’s gas tax.” Read the story here.

Poll worker recruitment effort yields >1100 applicants

The AP reports that the state’s effort to recruit new poll workers drew 1,146 new candidates, including 221 in Montgomery County, 132 in Chester County, 91 in Delaware County, 47 in Philly, 100 in Allegheny County, 40 in Dauphin County, 71 in Lancaster County, and 39 in Cumberland County. At least 58 of Pa.’s 67 counties saw at least one new applicant.

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