News & Brews May 10, 2021

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Gov. Wolf signals no interest in voter ID

When it comes to voter ID laws, Gov. Wolf’s chief of staff recently flat out told Rep. Seth Grove, “[W]e’re not interested in it.” This isn’t surprising as Wolf has long opposed any similar moves to improve election security. Pennsylvania is currently among the most lax states in the nation when it comes to voter ID requirements, according to an analysis from the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Lawmakers urge Wolf to lift restrictions at start of holiday weekend

Gov. Wolf recently announced he will lift most COVID restrictions on Monday, May 31, a date selected because of science Wolf likes to select random dates and pretend they’re data-backed. Now, more than 20 state Senators have signed a letter to Wolf asking him to lift the restrictions on May 28 instead. Lawmakers note that lifting restrictions at the start of the holiday weekend would help the state’s hospitality and tourism industries, which have been decimated by Wolf’s orders. According to Wolf’s spokesperson, the governor doesn’t seem inclined to listen to lawmakers’ request.

Wolf blunders have prompted lawmakers to launch multiple probes

The progressive Pennsylvania Capital-Star gives a rundown of the many “administrative errors under the purview of Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf” that have spurred new and/or ongoing legislative investigations. These include failing to advertise a proposed constitutional amendment, leaking the private health data of more than 70,000 Pennsylvanians, sending COVID-positive patients back to nursing homes, and implementing a chaotic business waiver process that shut down some businesses while allowing their competitors to stay open.

Wolf admin goes all out against ballot questions

It’s telling when the media reports not only on the substance of the Wolf administration’s narrative against the proposed constitutional amendments reining in a governor’s emergency powers, but also on the fact that the administration has gone on an all-out public relations campaign against the amendments. Indeed, as I’ve watched multiple administration press conferences over the past few weeks, it appears reporters a) have become less and less interested in what the administration is saying and b) are onto the fact that all the pressers are simply a concerted effort to scare people into voting against the amendments, which would restore a legislative check and balance on a governor’s emergency powers.

On May 18, VoteYesPA to save lives and livelihoods

On May 18, voters can approve two proposed constitutional amendments that would restore a legislative check and balance on Gov. Wolf’s (and any future governor’s) emergency powers. Check out, which has resources including a link to request a mail-in ballot, a VoteYesPA sign you can download and print, a sample email businesses can send encouraging others to vote yes on May 18, and more.

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