Congratulations, CP-endorsed candidates!

Commonwealth Partners extends our congratulations to our endorsed candidates who secured important victories in yesterday’s primary elections!

Congratulations, Rep. Cris Dush, Republican nominee for state Senate District 25

In by far the most contested (and under-covered) Republican legislative primary in the state this year, Cris ran an incredible race against Herm Suplizio, who was hand-picked by the incumbent—current Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati—to replace him.

Sen. Scarnati, sitting on hundreds of thousands of dollars raised for the Senate Republican Caucus with his title, poured more than $850,000 into this race in an attempt to defeat Cris in this ‘safe’ Republican seat. Now the money spent by Sen. Scarnati is no longer available to defend four vulnerable incumbent colleagues.

We are very proud that Commonwealth Partners’ connected political action committee, Commonwealth Leaders Fund, fully supported Cris’s campaign—spending less than half of what Scarnati spent—and Cris defeated Suplizio by approximately 30%. We very much look forward to working with Cris in the Senate! Click here for more on Cris.

Congratulations, Rep. Valerie Gaydos, Republican nominee for re-election, House District 44

Rep. Gaydos is entrepreneur who knows what it means to successfully run a small business. Since taking office, she’s fought to bring fiscal sanity and responsibility back to the state budget, and she’s a strong proponent of lessening burdensome regulations on job creators in order to reinvigorate Pennsylvania’s economy. Congratulations to Valerie, who defeated Bob Doddato by 32% as the current tally stands! Click here for more on Valerie.

Congratulations, Rep. Brett Miller, Republican nominee for re-election, House District 41

Since joining the House in January 2015, Rep. Brett Miller has been a consistent advocate for job creators and working families. He’s fought for fiscal restraint and smart spending and is a reliable ally on priority issues ranging from expanding educational opportunity to protecting workers’ rights. Congratulations, Brett, on defeating Brad Witmer with 86% of the vote per the current tally! Click here for more on Brett.

Congratulations Howard Terndrup, Republican nominee for state House, District 72

Facing a primary challenge from a former Democrat and Bernie Sanders supporter, Howard Terndrup demonstrated he is the candidate who will advocate for taxpayers, fight for fiscal restraint in Harrisburg, and work to reduce the burdensome taxes and regulations that stifle job growth and harm working Pennsylvanians. Congratulations, Howard, for winning with 65.7% of the vote! Howard is seeking to unseat longtime Democrat Rep. Frank Burns in November. This is a district that voted for President Trump by more than 72% in 2016, and it’s a prime target to flip to a free-market lawmaker at the legislative level this year. Howard is the solid candidate who can do this. Click here for more on Howard.

Congratulations Rob Mercuri, Republican nominee for state House, District 28

West Point graduate, Iraq War veteran, and free-market champion Rob Mercuri is running to fill the seat of House Speaker Mike Turzai, who announced earlier this year that he would not seek reelection. In addition to his military service, Rob has a strong professional background in financial services and will fight for fiscal responsibility in Harrisburg. The latest tally shows Rob won the three-way primary with nearly 60% of the vote. Congratulations on your primary election victory, Rob! Click here for more on Rob.