While many stellar candidates are running in non-competitive legislative races across Pennsylvania, Commonwealth Partners reserves our endorsements for champions running in highly competitive districts. Similarly, our connected political action committees (PACs), Commonwealth Leaders Fund and Commonwealth Children’s Choice Fund, focus their investments in competitive races where the stakes are high and the outcomes are critical to our state’s future.

The races listed below are the most competitive races across Pennsylvania where we can elect free-market champions to the legislature who are passionate about helping every child gain access to better educational opportunities. At the statewide level, these are races where we have the opportunity to elect highly qualified public servants who will uphold the rule of law and hold government accountable.

Last updated: 7:38 a.m. Nov. 4. This page will be updated as more results come in. Scroll down for details on each race.

Attorney General 

Heather Heidelbaugh – Too close to call

Heather Heidelbaugh is challenging incumbent Attorney General Josh Shapiro, who plans to run for governor in 2022 and has presidential aspirations. While Shapiro has used the office to advance his liberal progressive ideology and retaliate against his political enemies—going after the natural gas industry, for example—Heather would dedicate her work to true public service. She brings 35 years of courtroom experience across Pennsylvania and would be focused not on her next political office but on serving the people of Pennsylvania.

Auditor General

Timothy DeFoor – Too close to call

Timothy DeFoor is running against Democrat Nina Ahmad in the open race for Auditor General. Republicans haven’t held this seat since the mid-1990s, and it’s past time we elected a true fiscal watchdog. Tim DeFoor has a career history of investigating government waste. He began his public service career as a Special Investigator with Pennsylvania’s Office of Inspector General, where he investigated government and contractor fraud, waste, and abuse within state government. Tim then became a Special Agent with Pennsylvania’s Office of Attorney General, investigating Medicaid fraud and illegal prescription drug diversion. He later served as a Fraud Investigator and Internal Auditor for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center – Health Plan, as well as for various federal contractors. In 2015, Tim was elected Dauphin County Controller, where he saved and recovered more than $1 million in taxpayer dollars during his first term. Tim would be a stellar Auditor General.

Senate (* = Incumbent)

Scott Martin* (SD13, Lancaster County) – Won

Since winning election in 2016, Sen. Scott Martin has been a fearless champion for Pennsylvanians. Following the pivotal 2018 U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Janus v. AFSCME, which freed public workers from the requirement that they pay a union as a condition of employment, Scott sponsored legislation (Senate Bill 371) that would ensure public workers are notified of their rights regarding union membership.

Scott has also been a champion on welfare reform, sponsoring legislation (Senate Bill 847) that would encourage able-bodied adults in Pennsylvania to enter the workforce, increase their incomes, and transition away from dependence on Medicaid benefits and toward self-sufficiency. Listen to our Brews & Views interview with Scott to learn more about him and how school choice helped his low-income family when he was growing up.

Scott is facing Democrat challenger Janet Diaz who has supported cutting police funding and personnel and who is backed by groups including Barack Obama and Eric Holder’s National Democratic Redistricting Committee.

John DiSanto* (SD15, Dauphin & Perry counties) – Won

Pennsylvania can’t afford to lose champion Senator John DiSanto. A successful businessman who first ran for office only four years ago, John is a leader on many of our priority issues. He’s the lead sponsor on legislation to rescue children from failing schools via establishing Education Savings Accounts (ESAs). He’s also led the fight on fiscal reform, cosponsoring the Taxpayer Protection Act and backing commonsense legislation that would strip government pension benefits from convicted felons. And he’s worked to unleash opportunity by leading the fight to eliminate burdensome occupational licensing requirements

John is one of the Left’s top targets this year in their hopes of flipping the Senate blue, and outside groups including the National Democratic Redistricting Committee and the trial-lawyer/union-funded Fund for Change have set their sights on this seat, hoping to elect Democrat George Scott, who rented a house in the district only to advance his political career and run for office.

Devlin Robinson (SD37, Allegheny & Washington counties) – Too close to call

Democrats flipped this seat from red to blue in a special election in 2019, but it’s ripe to flip back. Businessman and veteran Devlin Robinson is challenging incumbent progressive Pam Iovino, who has sided with Wolf to keep businesses closed and millions of Pennsylvanians out of work. This race has drawn national interest, with the Republican State Legislative Committee investing on behalf of Devlin. Meanwhile, Iovino has the backing of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee.

Nicole Ziccarelli (SD45, Allegheny & Westmoreland counties) – Too close to call

Nicole Ziccarelli is challenging incumbent Sen. Jim Brewster in this district that President Trump won in 2016 with 50.4% of the vote. Since winning a special election in 2010, Brewster has not faced a Republican challenger, running unopposed for re-election in 2012 and 2016. Nicole Ziccarelli is making sure Sen. Brewster does not simply coast again to victory unchallenged. She’s running a strong campaign to defeat Brewster and flip this seat red.

House (* = Incumbent)

Lynne Ryan (HD9, Lawrence County) – Lost

Lynne Ryan is challenging incumbent Democrat Chris Sainato in this district that president Trump won in 2016 with 62% of the vote. Lynne is a small business owner who will fight for taxpayers and offers the opportunity to flip this seat from blue to red this year. Despite the Trump advantage in this district, Lynne has a tough battle against this longtime incumbent.

Rob Mercuri (HD28, Allegheny County) – Leans Win

West Point graduate, Iraq War veteran, and small business owner Rob Mercuri is running for this open seat that was vacated by former Republican House Speaker Mike Turzai. The Left is targeting this seat and supporting progressive candidate Emily Skopov, who opposed helping Pennsylvanians get back to work during Wolf’s shutdowns and is aligned with radical progressive policies. Rob is the strong voice Pennsylvania needs, and it’s critical we keep this seat as part of a freedom-minded majority in Harrisburg.

Carrie DelRosso (HD33, Allegheny & Westmoreland counties) – Too close to call

Taking on 30-year incumbent House Minority Leader Frank Dermody is not for the faint of heart. Carrie DelRosso is anything but. A single mom and small business owner with deep ties to her community, Carrie will fight for opportunity for children and fairness for taxpayers and job creators across Pennsylvania.

Valerie Gaydos* (HD44, Allegheny County) – Too close to call

As an entrepreneur who knows what it means to successfully run a small business, Valerie Gaydos understands firsthand the impact our state’s public policies have on job creators. Since taking office, she’s fought to bring fiscal sanity and responsibility back to the state budget, and she’s a strong proponent of lessening burdensome regulations on job creators in order to reinvigorate Pennsylvania’s economy. Click here to listen to our Brews & Views conversation with Valerie.

Larry Yost (HD50, Greene, Fayette, & Washington counties) – Too close to call

Small business owner Larry Yost is challenging Democrat incumbent Pam Snyder in this district that President Trump won with 65% of the vote. This western PA seat is in a region that has been trending red for several years, and this year offers a strong opportunity to flip this seat back to red. The Left, of course, wants to hold onto this seat, and the National Democratic Redistricting Committee is targeting it for retention.

Jason Silvis (HD55, Westmoreland, Armstrong, & Indiana counties) – Leans Win

Professional stuntman Jason Silvis is challenging incumbent Democrat Joe Petrarca in this district that President Trump won with nearly 68% of the vote. Petrarca has been in office for 25 years and has become an entrenched career politician out of touch with the values of his district. This year, we have the opportunity to elect Jason Silvis as a strong representative who will put taxpayers first.

Howard Terndrup (HD72, Cambria County) – Lost

Howard Terndrup is challenging longtime Democrat Rep. Frank Burns. This is a district that voted for President Trump by more than 72% in 2016, and it’s a prime target to flip red at the legislative level this year. Howard is the solid candidate who can do this. He’s a strong believer in fiscal restraint and is committed to reducing the burdensome taxes and regulations that stifle job growth and hurt working Pennsylvanians.

Sue Helm* (HD104, Dauphin & Lebanon counties) – Won

Rep. Sue Helm is a steady and reliable ally on our priority issues, but progressive Patty Smith is hoping to unseat her and flip this seat blue. Pennsylvania can’t afford Patty Smith’s far-left policies, and it’s critical that we keep this seat in free-market hands.

Andrew Lewis* (HD105, Dauphin County) – Won

Andrew Lewis wasted no time leading the charge for significant reforms after being elected to the state House in 2018. As a father and Army veteran, Andrew has seen the challenges military families can face in finding the best educational options for their children. He introduced legislation to establish Education Savings Accounts for military families, which would ensure parents can choose the school that best meets their child’s needs, regardless of where they are stationed. Click here to listen to our Brews & Views conversation with Andrew.

James May (HD114, Lackawanna County) – Lost

James May is challenging incumbent Rep. Bridget Kosierowski, who took office in 2019 after winning a special election. This is a district President Trump won with 54% of the vote, and polling suggests this legislative seat is winnable. An Iraq War veteran, James is a strong school choice advocate who would be an excellent addition to the House.

Andrew Holter (HD118, Luzerne & Lackawanna counties) – Too close to call

Small business owner Andrew Holder is challenging incumbent Democrat Mike Carroll in this seat that President Trump won with 58% of the vote. Mike Carroll has voted for tax hikes and sided with Gov. Wolf in keeping businesses closed and Pennsylvanians out of work. Mike Carroll’s values don’t reflect the district, and Andrew offers a strong chance to flip this seat to a pro-taxpayer free-market lawmaker.

Milou Mackenzie (HD131, Lehigh, Montgomery, & Northampton counties) – Leans Win

Small business owner Milou Mackenzie is running for the seat left open by the retirement of Republican Rep. Justin Simmons. The Left is spending in this district in hopes of flipping it blue. But the district’s Republican voting history suggests we can keep it in free-market hands.

Tracy Pennycuick (HD147, Montgomery County) – Leans Win

Tracy is running for the seat left open by the retirement of Republican Rep. Marcy Toepel. The Left is targeting this seat in hopes of flipping it blue. But Tracy is a tremendous candidate. She’s a combat veteran and small business owner who understands public service and fiscal responsibility. And Tracy is a champion on school choice who would be an excellent advocate for Pennsylvania students. President Trump won this district in 2016 with 57% of the vote, and Sen. Toomey won it with more than 60%.

Eric Roe (HD158, Chester County) – Too close to call

Eric Roe proved himself a stalwart champion when he served in the House from 2017-2018. He was defeated in the 2018 Blue Wave but is challenging the incumbent who won that race—Democrat Christina Sappey. Eric has spent months personally reaching out to thousands of voters in a grassroots campaign effort that’s a model for candidates. We’re proud to support Eric for (re-)election.

Craig Williams (HD160, Delaware and Chester counties) – Won

Craig Williams is running for this seat left open after Democrat incumbent Rep. Steve Barrar announced he would not seek re-election. While Trump lost this district in 2016 (garnering just under 49% of the vote), Sen. Toomey won this district with nearly 55% of the vote that year. And Republicans hold a voter registration advantage in the district. Craig Williams is a retired Marine Corps Colonel and is a strong advocate for transparency and fiscal responsibility in government.