News & Brews June 21, 2024

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RFK, Jr. files paperwork to get on Pa. ballot

Six weeks ahead of the August 1 deadline, independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has filed his paperwork to get on the November presidential ballot. To make the ballot, Kennedy needs to file at least 5,000 signatures from registered Pa. voters. It’s possible the Biden campaign, Trump campaign, or both could mount challenges to his petitions, and any legal challenge must be filed by August 8.

Pa. Supreme Court to take up skill games case

The AP reports that the state’s highest court “will decide whether the cash-paying electronic game terminals that have become commonplace in convenience stores, bars and elsewhere are unlicensed gambling machines and, as a result, must be shut down.” The court “will consider an appeal by the attorney general’s office of a lower-court decision that found that what are often called skill games are based on a player’s ability — and not solely on chance, like slot machines and other traditional gambling games.” The state has contended “that the devices are unlicensed gambling machines that are operating illegally and subject to seizure by police. Machine makers, distributors and retailers contend they are legal, if unregulated, games that are not subject to state gambling control laws.”

Universities embracing BDS movement would not get state funding under proposed bill

Democrat state Sen. Steve Santarsiero (Bucks County) has proposed legislation, with bipartisan support, that would stop state funding for colleges or universities that boycott or divest from Israel. Spotlight PA reports, “The bill defines boycott or divestment as ‘actions that are intended to financially penalize the government of Israel or commercial financial activity in Israel.’ However, the entities covered by the bill would still be able to make financial decisions that involve Israel for other reasons, like poor investment performance.” Santarsiero introduced similar legislation in 2015 and reintroduced it following recent anti-Israel protests on college campuses. Gov. Shapiro has indicated that if the bill reaches his desk, he will sign it.

What does ‘middle class’ mean in Pa.? 

How much income does it take to be considered “middle class” in Pa.? According to a new report, the range is between $48,780 and $146,340 (in 2022, which was the most recent year for which Census data is available). This puts Pa. smack in the middle—25th in the country—in terms of the highest income needed to be considered middle class.

Trump to hold rally in Philly

Former President Trump is scheduled to come to Temple University’s Liacouras Center tomorrow in what the Inquirer reports is his “first ever” rally in the city. Trump will be joined at the event by Republican U.S. Senate nominee Dave McCormick. Meanwhile, the Temple University Democrats issued a statement saying “we want him [Trump] to know that he is never welcome here.” How very tolerant of them.

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