News & Brews May 10, 2024

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Shapiro changes tune on Penn encampment

Just days after dodging the question of whether the University of Pennsylvania should disband the anti-Israel encampment on campus, Gov. Shapiro is changing his message. Last week, he said, “I don’t think it’s my judgment on that that matters. I think it’s the university’s judgment that matters. They’re closer to it, they see it.” Well, yesterday, he said, “Over the last 24 hours at the University of Pennsylvania the situation has gotten even more unstable and out of control. More rules have been violated, more laws have been broken…. It is past time for the university to act, to address this, to disband the encampment, and to restore order and safety on campus.” Police moved in to disband the encampment early this morning.

Republicans raise alarm over secret committee Dems are proposing

Republicans are raising alarm after Democrats on the House Rules Committee voted to establish a committee, that would act behind closed doors, with power to determine if a House member is incapacitated. The Delaware Valley Journal reports, “The move comes in the wake of the disappearance of Rep. Kevin Boyle (D-Philadelphia), who is reportedly suffering from mental illness. If passed by the full House, the committee would have the authority to subpoena medical records and to suspend a member without pay.” Republicans strongly object, saying there is already a mechanism for such situations. “If the conduct of a member rises to the level of being put before a secret tribunal, maybe it should also rise to the level of being expelled,” said House Republican Leader Bryan Cutler. “I believe this is ripe for challenge in the courts, and it is unconstitutional.”

Boyle offers first public comment since wrongly issued arrest warrant

Democrat State Rep. Kevin Boyle went on the record for the first time since an arrest warrant was wrongly issued for him about a week before primary Election Day—and then suddenly withdrawn one day pre-election. He told ABC27’s Dennis Owens, “America is not a banana republic. Elections and politics can never be the deciding factor behind why ‘investigations’ are started by law enforcement. It’s despicable that any law enforcement official would spread a rumor about me being ‘investigated’ or about to be ‘arrested’ to advance a political goal.” Indeed, Republican lawmakers have already called on the state attorney general to investigate Philly District Attorney Larry Krasner over the wrongly issued warrant.

‘Fetterman slams Biden’ over Israel aid

The Inquirer reports that Democrat U.S. Sen. John Fetterman “called President Joe Biden’s threat to withhold military aid to Israel, ‘deeply disappointing,’ the latest criticism he’s levied at the president over his handling of the war in Gaza.” The comment came after Biden announced “he would halt some shipments of bombs and artillery into Israel if the country invaded the Palestinian city of Rafah.”

Op-Ed: Parents & children v. politicians and unions

Commonwealth Foundation Senior Fellow Guy Ciarrocchi writes that Pennsylvania is at “an academic, economic, and moral crossroads.” While some elected officials seek to open doors of educational opportunity for students, others actively seek to limit opportunity and options for kids forced to attend schools that simply aren’t teaching them. Ciarrocchi outlines some of the most harmful proposals that special-interest-driven politicians are pushing in Harrisburg.

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