News & Brews November 28, 2023

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Budget impasse still dragging on 

Spotlight PA reports that Gov. Shapiro’s ongoing budget impasse is beginning to impact libraries and community colleges across Pennsylvania. Despite Shapiro bragging over the state budget, some code bills, which are required to distribute spending, remain undone, as House Democrats have refused to agree to a school voucher program to help kids in terrible schools. ”The continued absence of code bills has caused missed payments for community colleges and library districts, administrators said.”

GOP state rep expected to announce for AG today

Republican state Rep. Craig Williams (Delaware and Chester counties) will reportedly announce his candidacy for attorney general today. He will join two other Republicans in the race—York County DA Dave Sunday, who has the endorsement of the Republican Attorneys General Association, and former DelCo DA Kat Copeland. Five Democrats have also announced their candidacies.

Pa. among battleground states with vote-counting woes

POLITICO reports that when it comes to vote-counting procedures “to facilitate quicker counting and … more efficient processing procedures,” … “some key states — most notably Pennsylvania — still lag behind.” However, the story inaccurately reports, “To the frustration of Pennsylvania election officials, state legislators haven’t allowed for pre-processing of mail ballots, leaving Pennsylvania officials unable to touch them before the polls open.” The truth is that state legislators DID vote to allow pre-processing of mail-in ballots, but Gov. Wolf vetoed the legislation.

Pa. Senate hearing today on school mandate relief

The Senate Education Committee is scheduled to hold a hearing today at 1:00 p.m. on school mandate relief. Among those scheduled to testify are representatives from traditional, technical, and charter schools. Click here for the agenda and to watch the live stream at 1:00 p.m.

Pa. Society set to kick off in New York

The annual Pennsylvania Society weekend, where a who’s who of politics, business, and more gathers in New York City, will kick off this Thursday. Events “include receptions hosted by organizations such as the PA Chamber of Business and Industry, the Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association, many law firms, higher education institutions, and many others.” Click here for the schedule.

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