News & Brews November 9, 2023

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Another special House election coming

On Tuesday, Democrat state Rep. John Galloway (Bucks County) won an uncontested race for district judge, meaning he will retire from the Legislature, setting the stage for yet another special election. Once he resigns, the House will once again be split 101-101. Galloway ran unopposed for re-election to his House seat in 2022.

The out-of-state billionaires and ‘dark money’ behind McCaffery’s win

Just in time for voters to have stopped paying attention, on Election Day, CNBC ran a story noting how Wall Street executives, Stephen Spielberg, and so-called ‘dark money groups’ “quietly” backed Democrat Dan McCaffery’s campaign. Indeed, McCaffery’s donors, many of whom gave through a front group, included out-of-state millionaires and billionaires as well as “dark money” groups including Pa. Alliance Action and the North Fund, which is tied to the behemoth multi-billion-dollar Left-wing group Arabella Advisors. You’d think our illustrious Pa. mainstream media, which finds every opportunity it can to talk about Republican donors, would have been all over this in the weeks leading up to the election. But … you’d be wrong.

Ad targets Sen. Casey for backing funding for Iran

Tuesday’s election results may not yet be certified, but the 2024 campaign for U.S. Senate is already well underway. An ad from the National Republican Senatorial Committee highlights Casey’s 2015 vote in support of former President Obama’s “Iran Deal.” As the Delaware Valley Journal reminds us, this deal “sent billions of dollars to the terror-sponsoring nation.”

Cutler: RGGI ruling confirms Wolf’s overreach

House Republican Leader Bryan Cutler (Lancaster County) writes that the Commonwealth Court was correct in its recent ruling against former Gov. Wolf’s attempt to unilaterally force Pa. into the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. Cutler adds, however, that “while the rule of law won with the recent court decision on RGGI, the pattern of unlawfully using unilateral executive power to override proper legislative authority has only continued.” He promises that “whenever the unlawful use of executive authority takes place, … [Republicans] will continue to use every tool at our disposal to speak out and ensure the power of the people—and not one person—wins out.”

Watch today’s Ed Funding Commission meeting

The Basic Education Funding Commission will continue its hearings today, with a 10:00 a.m. meeting in Bedford. Click here for the agenda, and click here to watch the live stream at 10:00 a.m.

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