News & Brews October 31, 2023

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Spending in Pa. Supreme Court race passes $12 million

More than $12 million has been spent so far in the Supreme Court contest between Republican Carolyn Carluccio (whom we have endorsed) and Democrat Dan McCaffery. Spotlight PA reports, “All told, the Supreme Court race has attracted at least $12.6 million and counting since the primary. In 2015, by comparison, total spending on Supreme Court elections hit $16.5 million with three seats open.” While McCaffery believes the court’s job is to change laws (per his own statement), Carluccio believes in upholding the laws as written. Democrats currently have a 4-2 majority on the court, with one seat vacant.

Op-Ed: ‘Dan McCaffery is a threat to democracy’

The Left likes to throw around the phrase “threat to democracy” in relation to anything they disagree with. But Commonwealth Partners President and CEO Matt Brouillette explains in the Delaware Vally Journal that when it comes to corruption and whether government actually works for the people, Democrat Supreme Court nominee Dan McCaffery is the true threat to democracy. “From nepotism to judicial bias to inviting porn to his personal email account, Dan McCaffery has violated Pennsylvania’s Code of Judicial Conduct as well as the basic norms of integrity that voters should be able to expect from their Supreme Court justices.”

House votes to up transparency for state-related universities

Yesterday, the Pa. House voted 201-1 to increase transparency requirements for Pennsylvania’s state-related universities. According to bill sponsors GOP Reps. Kate Klunk (York County) and Ryan Warner (Fayette County) the legislation “will significantly increase the amount of university personnel salary information that must be disclosed. The bill will also provide access to budgetary and contract information in user-friendly, searchable online databases.” As the AP explains, Pa.’s state-related universities ”are not state-owned, but receive hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars that support in-state tuition and operations.”

Pa. voter registration shifts >100K toward GOP 

The progressive Pennsylvania Capital-Star looks at the change in Pennsylvania voter registration since October 2022. “Back then, the statewide Democratic margin was 549,288, a lead that’s since been whittled down to 445,890, constituting a shift of 103,398 towards the Pennsylvania GOP.” The story gives an interesting county-by-county breakdown of “gains one party accumulated in registrations over the other party.” As for how this will play out in next week’s election? “We’ll just have to wait for the results.”

Pa. finally to end ban on teachers’ wearing religious symbols

Gov. Shapiro is expected to sign legislation ending Pennsylvania’s archaic and unconstitutional ban on teachers’ wearing religious symbols, such as jewelry. PennLive reports, “The legislation, sponsored by Sens. Kristin Phillips-Hill, R-York County, and Judy Schwank, D-Berks County, grows out of a 2003 ruling in a federal lawsuit filed by an instructional aide at the Arin Intermediate Unit who refused to comply with her supervisor’s demand to remove or conceal a cross she wore on a necklace.” The House passed the measure 201-1, while the Senate backed it 49-0. Pa. is the only state that still has such a ban in place.

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