News & Brews October 12, 2023

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‘Save democracy by quashing democracy’ (ummm)

PennLive reports that a ‘“bipartisan group … is warning voters that a No Labels presidential candidate could put Donald Trump back in the White House.” The story notes that the group claims it “is not infringing on anyone’s right to run for president but the ‘stakes are so high’ that ‘Americans of all beliefs and parties need to come together to make sure that Donald Trump does not get back into the White House.’” Ah, the old “we love democracy, but the stakes are so high we need to temporarily get rid of democracy.” Of course, Democrats have a history of trying to get third party candidates off the ballot in Pa., as they did with the Green Party presidential candidate in 2020.

Democrat Pa. Supreme Court candidate tries to distance himself from scandal

The progressive Pennsylvania Capital-Star interviewed the two candidates for Pa. Supreme Court, Republican Judge Carolyn Carluccio (whom we have endorsed) and Democrat Judge Dan McCaffery. While Carluccio said she will “apply the law” as written, whether she agrees with it or not, McCaffery said the Constitution is a “living document” that can be changed with “changing society.”  In the story, McCaffery also tried to distance himself from the porn scandal that took down his brother. After receiving racy emails on his official government account, McCaffery claims he said, “Please don’t send these to my work email.” What he actually said was, “send this to my yahoo account-not work.” Big difference.

The ‘3 words’ Shapiro ‘probably wants to take back’

PennLive columnist John Baer writes that Gov. Josh Shapiro probably wants to retract his “consider the source” reply when asked about Senate President Pro Tempore Kim Ward’s concerns over his handling of the Vereb sexual assault allegation. The comment “didn’t sound empathetic,” Baer writes. “It sounded defensive, deflective, like whataboutism.” Baer adds, “Yes, there could be more to this. Maybe the process of dealing with sexual harassment claims in the Capitol is sluggish and ineffective. Maybe an investigation is ongoing. Or maybe Shapiro’s awkward answer was a hint he knows there’s more, and it’s not good.”

Op-Ed: ‘A Jewish woman’s experience in suburban Philadelphia’

Amanda Greenberg, a Jewish mom from the West Chester area, writes in Broad + Liberty, “Last time I checked, no other demographic has dealt with parades of people praising the murder of your people. Last time I checked, there weren’t any student organizations on almost every campus that promulgate hatred and wishes for exterminating a group of people except for the Jewish people…. I wonder if my family will be safe or attacked. Is it safe to attend synagogue or a rally in support of Israel? These are not questions I should have to consider as a Jewish woman living in suburban Philadelphia….”

Watch today’s Ed Funding Commission meeting

The Basic Education Funding Commission will continue its hearings today, with a 10:00 a.m. meeting in Lemont Furnace. Click here for the agenda, and click here to watch the live stream at 10:00 a.m.


Correction: Yesterday’s News & Brews incorrectly identified state Sen. Nikil Saval as state Rep.

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