News & Brews September 8, 2023

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Shapiro endorses far left candidate in Philly

Gov. Josh Shapiro campaigned as a moderate and even came under fire for ideas some deemed too ‘conservative.’ That was his public image, at least. Now, he has endorsed a far left progressive candidate for Philly City Council. The Inquirer reports that Shapiro is backing incumbent Kendra Brooks. Brooks is among those who has called for defunding the police.

How do Pa. universities rank in free speech?

The Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression has issued its 2024 College Free Speech Rankings. And, as the Center Square reports, Pa. colleges don’t get great grades. In fact, none of the Pa. colleges among the 248 nationwide where students were surveyed ranked higher than “average.”

Op-Ed: Do what’s best for students, not for the system

The Rev. Joshua C. Robertson of The Rock Church in Harrisburg shares how his academic failures as a young person put him on the wrong path. But then, everything changed. He writes, “All I needed was somebody to see my potential and provide a non-traditional educational approach to support me in my academic journey.” But what about those struggling today? He writes, “I implore those in power—leaders in educational, religious, business, and governmental institutions—to collaborate and provide creative educational opportunities for our youth.”

Op-Ed: Put cyber charter school debate in context

James Dudt, a north Bethlehem Township Supervisor, writes in the Washington Observer-Reporter, “As districts complain about cyber charter payments … important context is too-often missing from the conversation.” He provides that context on cyber charter school funding and accountability, noting cyber charters receive les per-pupil funding than traditional public schools, and their true accountability rivals that of traditional public schools.

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