News & Brews July 26, 2023

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School choice takes center stage at Senate hearing

Pa. Senate Education Committee lawmakers heard impassioned testimony from parents seeking better opportunities for their children as well as public school administrators and Democrat lawmakers opposed to granting that opportunity. At yesterday’s hearing, one parent urged immediate action on school choice to help her eleventh-grade son. Meanwhile, school choice opponents argued that the answer is more money for traditional public schools. The hearing came after Gov. Shapiro reneged on his promise to support a new school choice program in the state budget.

WSJ: Ranked choice voting is ‘bad choice’

As some in Pennsylvania push the idea of ranked choice voting, the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board points to one Virginia County as a cautionary tale. After trying ranked choice voting in one election, Arlington County “decided to return to ordinary, plurality voting for its November general election.” One problem was the “awkward results.” The two primary winners in a six-person field actually finished first and third in the first round. “If you’re confused, you’re in good company.” The Ed Board notes that “[e]lections are subject to enough needless distrust lately, without making them more opaque and less intuitive.”

Budget Impasse: Yep, it’s really there

Last week, Democrat House Majority Leader Matt Bradford claimed, “There is no budget impasse.” A creative claim given there’s no budget, no agreement, and no immediate end in sight. Hmmm. In response, House GOP Appropriations Chair Seth Grove explained that yes, there really is a budget impasse. Indeed, denying it doesn’t make it go away.

‘Bidenomics’ is a ‘tough sell’ in Philly

Apparently, ‘Bidenomics’ is great. It’s just the messaging that needs improvement. The Inquirer basically says as much in explaining why the president’s economic agenda is a “tough sell” in Philadelphia. You know, because when Americans are so much better off, they won’t really know they’re better off unless you tell them. Makes perfect sense…….

Lawmakers want Pa. to exit library association over Marxist president

The new president of the American Library Association is a self-proclaimed Marxist. As a result, the Pa. Freedom Caucus, a group of conservative lawmakers, has called on libraries in the state to end their affiliation with the ALA. But instead of focusing on the concerns over the Marxist president, the liberal media outlet WITF seeks to discredit the Freedom Caucus. Makes perfect sense.

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