News & Brews June 16, 2023

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Path to the White House relies on Independents

Pennsylvania has the unfortunate distinction of being singled out in an op-ed on the need for Republicans to win over independent voters. The piece, in RealClearPolitics, notes that “perhaps the greatest lesson …. [Republicans] can take from the 2022 midterms is how we speak to independent voters.” In 2022, “nearly 4 million more Republicans than Democrats voted.” And—here’s the clincher—”in every battleground state, outside of Pennsylvania, a Republican won statewide.” You’ll recall, of course, that GOP gubernatorial nominee Doug Mastriano chose not to reach out to independent voters in his campaign, despite calls to do so.

Shapiro endorses socialist for Allegheny County exec.

Gov. Josh Shapiro may have campaigned last year as a tax-cutting moderate, but he just endorsed far-left progressive Rep. Sara Innamorato for Allegheny County executive. One could argue it’s a simple Democrat-to-Democrat endorsement. But Innamorato is running in heavily Democrat Allegheny County, so she hardly needs the boost of a gubernatorial backing. Announcing his endorsement, Shapiro said Innamorato “has always fought for the communities she represents.” This includes “advocating for more affordable housing, protecting our clean air and water, and standing up for the union way of life.”

Dems v. Progressives rile Philly party politics 

The Inky reports that Democrat committee members in Philly are being warned not to support progressive Working Families Party candidates in local races. The warning specifically says “third-party candidates,” but the Inky says the implication is “clear” that this refers to the progressive Working Families Party. These candidates are eyeing two at-large city council seats that are reserved for a minority party. But Democrats are being warned they’ll lose their committee posts if they support the progressives, as the Democrat party requires party loyalty.

Data: Minimum wage hike threatens jobs

As the Democrat-controlled Pa. House pushes an increase in the government-mandated minimum wage, Republicans are sounding the alarm over the job losses that would result. In floor remarks, Rep. David Rowe (Union, Snyder, Juniata, and Mifflin Counties) offered extensive data pointing to this outcome. Watch his remarks here.

Biden to pick up union backing ahead of Philly visit

As President Joe Biden prepares to visit Philly tomorrow for a campaign rally, he’s set to snag the endorsement today of the AFL-CIO. The Inquirer reports, “The endorsement isn’t a surprise — the union also backed Biden’s 2020 presidential bid — but it comes about a year earlier than the vote last time. It’s the earliest the nation’s largest labor organization has weighed in during a presidential cycle.”

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