News & Brews May 23, 2023

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‘Progressive shift’ in Alleghney County was ‘years in making’

The Tribune Review looks at how far-left progressives succeeded in upending the Democrat political machine in Allegheny County. One socialist politician “said the victories were the culmination of years of successfully organizing politically progressive groups into a coalition. The organizations include service workers unions, liberal nonprofits, environmental advocates, Black-led groups, progressive Jewish groups and criminal justice groups.”

House Dems push gun control bills

Yesterday the Pa. House advanced two gun control measures, including a so called “red flag” law. This “would allow a judge to order the seizure of firearms if asked by family members or police.” The second bill would expand background checks and “end an exception for private sales of shotguns, sporting rifles and semi-automatic rifles.” Republicans note that the bills, rather than targeting criminals, target law-abiding citizens. Republican Senate Majority Leader Joe Pittman noted that Pa. should enforce existing laws and explore “greater mental and behavioral health support.”

Pa. conservatives react to possible Mastriano Senate run

The Pennsylvania Daily Star interviewed conservatives around Pennsylvania to gauge their reactions to a possible U.S. Senate run by Doug Mastriano. Among those concerned is Commonwealth Partners President and CEO Matt Brouillette. Matt noted that Mastriano ignored multiple offers of support from various sources during his gubernatorial bid. “Doug lives inside a bubble — an echo chamber — of love and he does not go outside of that bubble to understand what it takes to win in Pennsylvania.” Matt said. “His massive, double-digit loss in 2022 should be a reality check….”

Budget process deep dive with Rep. Seth Grove

Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association President and CEO David Taylor sat down with House Republican Appropriations Chair Seth Grove (York County) to talk about the details of Pennsylvania’s budget process. How do things work in the lead-up to the traditional June 30 deadline? Will there be an on-time budget? What’s up with lifeline scholarships? And more. Watch the conversation here.

Op-Ed: Medicaid eligibility matters

”Should a health-care program for low-income seniors, the disabled, kids, and pregnant mothers be co-opted by hundreds of thousands of healthy adults? Adults not even eligible for assistance? Since March 2020, that’s been the reality for the Medicaid program.” So write the Paragon Health Institute’s Gary Alexander and the Commonwealth Foundation’s Elizabeth Stelle in an op-ed in RealClear Pennsylvania. They note that cleaning up the Medicaid rolls “won’t be easy.” But verifying Medicaid eligibility is critical to ensure resources go to those who truly need them.

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