News & Brews May 19, 2023

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Lawmakers to propose runoff primaries

Sens. Ryan Aument (Lancaster County) and Frank Farry (Bucks County) plan to introduce legislation establishing runoff elections in Pa. primaries. Under their proposal, if no primary candidate wins 50% of the vote, the top two vote-getters would meet in a runoff election. This would eliminate the scenario in which candidates can win primary elections with less than 50% of votes cast.

Analysis: Primary election results show crises in both parties

Our president and, CEO Matt Brouillette, has a post-primary analysis in RealClear Pennsylvania RealClear Pennsylvania. He writes that the results show “former President Donald Trump lost (again), Democrats have an identity crisis, and Republicans have a messaging crisis.” How—and whether—all this will impact how Dems and Republicans campaign moving forward remains to be seen.

A look at Pa.’s opioid settlement money

Spotlight PA dives into the more than $2.2 billion Pa. is reportedly slated to receive from opioid lawsuit settlements. How will the money be spent? Who’s in charge? How will transparency work? And more.

Feds look to boost union rolls, at workers’ expense

Nathan McGrath, president and general counsel for the Fairness Center has an op-ed in RealClear Pennsylvania on President Biden’s attempts to “funnel” new federal “employees into a system that empowers union officials, not workers.” Nathan tells the story of Ashley Kjarbo, who could “barely afford to put food on the table.” Yet, her union refused to accept her resignation and stop siphoning dues from her paycheck. The union president then accused her of lying. and sought her supervisor’s help in blocking her from leaving the union.

Audio: Why Pa. finished 35th in ‘Rich States, Poor States’

Jonathan Williams of the American Legislative Exchange Council  joined Lowman Henry on Lincoln Radio Journal a few weeks ago to discuss Pa.’s poor ranking in “Rich States, Poor States.” Topics covered included economic performance, outmigration, job growth, and more.

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