News & Brews April 14, 2023

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Report: Pa. ranks 46th in economic performance

The 2023 Rich States Poor States report ranks Pennsylvania 46th in economic performance (2011-2021). This index is a “backward-looking measure based on the state’s performance (equal-weighted average) in … three important performance variables….. These variables are highly influenced by state policy.” The three variables are state gross domestic product, absolute domestic migration, and non-farm payroll. We also rank 35th in economic outlook, which is a “forward-looking forecast” based on 15 state policy variables. The report is published by the American Legislative Exchange Council.

Today’s budget hearings schedule

This morning at 9:30 a.m., the Senate Appropriations Committee will hold a budget hearing with the Governor’s Budget Office/Department of General Services. That hearing will be live-streamed here. The House Appropriations Committee will hear from the Public Utility Commission at 10:00 a.m. and the Governor’s Budget Office at 1:00 p.m. Those hearings will be live-streamed here.

Here’s what Pennsylvanians are thinking 

A new Franklin & Marshall poll found “Pennsylvania’s registered voters are uneasy and mostly unmoved in their sentiments about the conditions of the state and its politics since last fall.” Forty-six percent say they’re “worse off” than a year ago, while only 11% say they’re better off. Meanwhile, voters continue to be concerned about the economy.

Shapiro targets independent contractors

The Shapiro administration is launching an all-out war on independent contractors. Couched in pretty terms like “fighting worker misclassification,” the effort purports to protect workers from being listed as independent contractors rather than employees. But here’s the thing, the vast majority of independent contractors would rather be independent contractors than traditional employees. But beware: The government is coming for your gig work.

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