News & Brews February 6, 2023

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Pa. GOP endorses Carluccio for state Supreme Court

On Saturday, the state Republican Party voted to endorse Montgomery County Common Pleas Court President Judge Carolyn Carluccio for an open seat on the state Supreme Court. In the endorsement vote, Carluccio bested two fellow Republicans: Philly Common Pleas Court Judge Paula Patrick and Commonwealth Court Judge Patricia McCullough. Last week, the Democratic Party endorsed Superior Court Judge Dan McCaffery for the open seat on the high court.

Op-Ed: GOP must learn to play the long game

Our president and CEO, Matt Brouillette, explains in RealClear Pennsylvania how Democrats began well over a decade ago to deploy the strategy that led to their retaking the Pa. House in 2022. He writes, “While focusing on the next election may bring the excitement of immediacy, delivering long-lasting free-market, rule-of-law victories requires a long-term approach.”

Pa. GOP sticks with current leader despite losses

Over the weekend at its winter meeting, the Pa. GOP made no concrete move to change its leadership, despite lots of finger-pointing at current chair Lawrence Tabas following November’s election losses. Tabas, leading up to the meeting, responded to the criticism by saying, “It’s the nature of this position. It’s the nature of politics, of life. Not everyone agrees with everything. It was a disappointing loss last year in Pennsylvania, but also for the Republican Party nationally. I’ve been called to lead. … I’m gonna keep on going.”

Special elections happening tomorrow

Spotlight PA reports that three special state House elections happening tomorrow will likely decide partisan control of that chamber. The seats, all in Allegheny County, lean significantly Democrat. Should Dems win all three as expected, they will hold a 102-101 majority over Republicans.

Op-Ed: ‘Where is the Latino vote headed in Pa.?’

Lebanon Valley College History Professor John Hinshaw analyzes Latino turnout and partisan lean in Pennsylvania. He writes that in the commonwealth, “Latinos should be an increasingly important part of the political calculus. They remain Pennsylvania’s fastest-growing demographic and make up 6% of the voting population.”

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