News & Brews November 18, 2022

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Dems win Pa. House majority

Yesterday, GOP Rep. Todd Stephens conceded to Democrat challenger Melissa Cerrato in the closely watched 151st House District race in Montgomery County. Cerrato’s victory means Democrats have reclaimed the majority in the House for the first time in 12 years. Separately, Democrat Mark Moffa conceded to Republican Joe Hogan in the tight 142nd House District race in Bucks County. This means Democrats now hold 102 seats to Republicans’ 101 seats in the 203-member chamber.

Pa. Department of State begins post-election audit

Yesterday, the Pa. Department of State kicked off a post-election “risk-limiting audit,” which “involves auditing a randomly-selected batch of ballots to confirm the outcome of the election.” City and State PA explains how a roll of the dice got the audit underway and notes that “the audit must be finished before a county board of election finalizes official election returns – and no later than the third Monday following the election.”

Op-Ed: ‘Time to move on from Trump-inflicted wound’

Our president and CEO, Matt Brouillette, writes in RealClearPennsylvania that former President Trump had “short coattails” this past election, both in Pennsylvania and nationwide. And “[e]ven as voters consistently said that they feel the pain of inflation, are concerned about crime, and believe that the country is on the wrong track, one emotion surpassed all of these: disdain for former President Trump and, by extension, for his hand-picked candidates who, in many cases, were weak candidates.” To move forward and begin winning elections, Republicans should “break with [Trump] and chart a new course.”

Op-Ed: ‘Shapiro’s campaign promises offer blueprint for bipartisanship’

“Gov.-elect Democrat Josh Shapiro will now have to work with the Republicans he criticized on the campaign trail,” writes Commonwealth Foundation Senior Vice President Nate Benefield in PennLive. “Notably, Shapiro campaigned as a fiscal conservative on many issues, expressing support for priorities shared by legislative Republicans.” These priorities span areas including cutting our corporate tax rate and expanding educational opportunity. “As Shapiro begins a new administration,” Nate writes, “policymakers have in his election promises a ripe opportunity for common ground.” Read more here.

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