News & Brews September 23, 2022

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Poll: Shapiro holds wide lead, while Fetterman’s lead remains narrow

A new Muhlenberg College/Morning Call poll shows Democrat Josh Shapiro leading Republican Doug Mastriano 53%-42% in the race for governor (factoring in voters who are leaning one way or the other). Meanwhile, Democrat John Fetterman holds a smaller lead over Republican Mehmet Oz in the race for Senate, at 49%-44%.

Redistricting ‘injects uncertainty’ into Nov. elections

I guess it’s pretty fair to say elections almost always come with some uncertainty, but the AP notes that it remains to be seen how redistricting will impact Democrats’ hopes of gaining a majority (or at least moving toward one) in the Legislature. According to the story, the new districts, combined with lots of retirements and primary-election incumbent losses, “will certainly bring change to the Capitol — but even the most ardent Democrats aren’t predicting they will swing enough seats to dictate when bills are voted on or if they even get a vote.Read more here.

Lawmakers lose endorsement over holding Krasner in contemp

Five Democrat lawmakers seeking re-election have lost the endorsement of the progressive Working Families Party because of their vote to hold Philly DA Larry Krasner in contempt for refusing to comply with a subpoena. The group pulled its endorsements from Reps. Danilo Burgos, Nancy Guenst, Danielle Friel Otten, Emily Kinkead, and Jessica Benham. The Inquirer has more.

Toomey cosponsoring bill to change how Electoral College votes are certified

The Inquirer reports that Republican Sen. Pat Toomey “will join 10 other Republicans sponsoring or cosponsoring the Electoral Count Reform Act, giving it enough formal GOP support to clear a filibuster if at least 49 of the chamber’s 50 Democrats also support the plan.” Toomey stated, “This legislation would make commonsense changes to clarify the role of Congress, the vice president, and the courts in the certification of presidential elections to give the American people more confidence it will be their voice that chooses the next executive and those that follow.”

Bartos spotted at Shapiro fundraiser

POLITICO reports that former GOP statewide candidate Jeff Bartos, who is also co-chair of Mehmet Oz’s campaign for Senate, was spotted at a fundraiser for Democrat gubernatorial nominee Josh Shapiro. Bartos’ wife was a co-host of the fundraiser, although Bartos himself has not said if he’s supporting Shapiro. See the first item here.

Q&A: Dem. Lt. Gov. nominee Rep. Austin Davis

City & State PA caught up with Democrat Lt. Gov. nominee Rep. Austin Davis for a Q&A that covered topics including why Davis is running, what a Shapiro/Davis administration would prioritize, and how the administration would fight crime. Read the Q&A here.

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