News & Brews September 21, 2022

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Fetterman outspends Oz on Facebook, Instagram

From the primary election through mid-September, Democrat John Fetterman spent 38 times as much as Republican Mehmet Oz on Facebook and Instagram paid advertising, the Inquirer reports. During that time, Fetterman spent more than $1 million, while Oz spent just $27,000. That said, while Fetterman still enjoys a lead in the polls, the latest polls suggest that lead has been tightening.

Pro-abortion rally at state Capitol draws about 100 people

Yesterday, pro-abortion advocates rallied on the Capitol steps. PennLive reports, “The rally, which drew about 100 people, comes one day after the Pennsylvania March for Life drew upwards of 5,000 people in the same space outside the Capitol.” Read more here.

Dem state Senator has ‘appalling’ staff turnover

Broad + Liberty investigates the unusually high staff turnover of Democrat state Sen. Katie Muth (Berks, Chester, and Montgomery counties), who the story notes has had “something close to [a] 200 percent turnover in her first term.” Muth has been accused by former staffers of having an “abusive” work environment in her office, and “records show in Muth’s three-and-a-half years in the Pennsylvania Senate, she has had four communications directors and four chiefs of staff.” Read more here.

Social media and Pa. politics

City & State PA says that “the use of social media in this year’s election cycle has shed light on how the intersection between politics and social media is evolving, and how Pennsylvania’s own political candidates are connecting with voters in new and innovative ways.” From trolling opponents to paying for digital advertising, politicians are trying to “boost their brands … for better or for worse.” Read the piece here.

Many progressives stick by Krasner as other Dems line up against him

The Inquirer looks at how Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner is keeping the support of some progressive Democrats, even as dozens of Democrats recently voted to hold him in contempt for refusing to comply with a subpoena. Meanwhile, Democrat gubernatorial nominee Josh Shapiro is “keeping his distance.” The story claims Shapiro and Krasner have “entirely different” policy philosophies but fails to mention a key similarity: Just as Krasner has been soft on crime, Shapiro has refused to prosecute gun crimes in Philly.

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