News & Brews August 29, 2022

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Fetterman opposes vouchers, sends kids to pricey private school

Democrat U.S. Senate nominee Lt. Gov. John Fetterman has won praise from the teachers’ unions for opposing vouchers that would allow kids to escape underperforming schools to receive an excellent education. But lo and behold, Fetterman and his wife reportedly send their kids to an elite private school that costs up to $34,250 in tuition. Hmmm.

Concerns persist that Mastriano is not reaching beyond base

WHYY notes that even as GOP gubernatorial nominee Doug Mastriano continues to hold grassroots events across the state with his base of supporters, “GOP insiders … are worried the insular campaign isn’t reaching enough voters.” For what it’s worth, WHYY has an unabashed liberal slant, so the story also belittles several legitimate concerns many Pennsylvanians have, including over women being forced to compete against biological males on school sports teams.

Federal funds to ‘combat climate change’ went to pave parking lots

The Center Square reports that as the U.S. Department of Agriculture is sending $740,000 to Pennsylvania for “critical infrastructure to combat climate change,” the bulk of this funding—$500,000—is going to repave parking lots in Bloomsburg. “It is unclear,” the story notes, “how parking lots are critical infrastructure against climate change, though local businesses may benefit from customers having higher-quality parking nearby.” Then again, it’s also unclear how the so-called Inflation Reduction Act will reduce inflation, so there’s that.

How will Biden’s student loan plan impact Pa. politics?

The Post-Gazette posits that President Biden’s decision to cancel many student loans offers a “big boost to both parties” but “for totally different reasons…. For Pennsylvania Democrats, it’s promises made, promises delivered for Mr. Biden…. For Pennsylvania Republicans, it’s just another line of evidence in the laundry list they’re building to claim Democrats are reckless spenders, tapping into the uncertainty of America’s economic future….” One political analyst suggests the topic may affect voter turnout, while also noting it may deepen “the divide between those who choose to go to college and those who don’t.” Separately, City & State PA had a roundup of Pa. politicians’ reactions to Biden’s decision.

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