News & Brews June 21, 2022

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Wolf vs. lawmakers as budget deadline approaches

As budget negotiations continue, Gov. Wolf and Republican lawmakers may agree on wanting to cut Pennsylvania’s corporate net income tax rate, but they disagree when it comes to how the state budget should (or should not) support educational opportunity. Gov. Wolf wants to pump an additional $1.9 billion into public education while avoiding expanding school choice, even though state spending on public education recently reached an all-time high. GOP lawmakers point out, however, that funding for education has continually increased even as enrollment has declined. Read more here.

Shapiro maintains huge fundraising lead

In the latest campaign finance reporting period, which ran from May 3 through June 6, Democrat Josh Shapiro raised $4.7 million to Doug Mastriano’s $168,000 (both these figures include in-kind contributions). Shapiro ended the reporting period with nearly $13.5 million cash-on-hand, while Mastriano has just shy of $400,000. Since 2021, Shapiro has raised nearly $26 million, to Mastriano’s $1.8 million. You can search for campaign finance reports here (FYI: the site is not user friendly).

Poll: Education views trump political party for most parents

Here’s an interesting national poll that could impact races in Pennsylvania. A new survey of more than 5,000 parents by The Harris Poll shows that a whopping 82% “would vote for someone outside their party if the candidate’s education agenda matched their own.” The poll didn’t reveal exactly what positions parents want candidates to take, but the finding is fascinating. Read more at The74.

Busy day in the Legislature today

From amending the Right-to-Know law (House State Government Committee, 9am) to expanding educational opportunity (Senate Education Committee, 12pm), multiple House and Senate committees will meet today to consider various topics. Click here for the House schedule and links to watch and here for the Senate schedule and links.

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