News & Brews May 26, 2022

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GOP Senate primary heads to recount

Yesterday, Acting Secretary of State Leigh M. Chapman ordered a recount in the GOP Senate primary, in which 902 votes separate Dr. Mehmet Oz and David McCormick—well within the 0.5% margin needed to trigger an automatic recount. Chapman said counties may begin the recount no later than June 1 (but they can begin as early as tomorrow). They must complete the recount by noon on June 7 and submit the results to the Department of State by noon on June 8. ABC27 has more.

Lehigh County Senate race may also head to recount

Yesterday, Republican challenger Jarrett Coleman claimed victory in his primary race against GOP Senate Appropriations Chair Pat Browne, but Browne may ask for a recount given just 19 votes separate the two (out of more than 34,000 cast). Browne said he believes the cost of a recount would be “minimal, given a statewide recount already is being conducted.” The Morning Call has more.

Effort to move gun control legislation fails in PA House

Following the tragic shootings in Uvalde, Texas on Tuesday, House Democrats yesterdaysought to suspend the procedural rules of the House to move gun control legislation. The effort, however, failed. PennLive explains.

Senate committee advances Homeschool Hybrid Educational Access Act

Yesterday, the Senate Education Committee voted 10-1 in favor of legislation that would give homeschool students access to academic classes offered by the school district in which the students live. According to the cosponsorship memo circulated by bill sponsor Republican Rep. Jesse Topper (Bedford, Franklin, and Fulton counties), allowing homeschool families to “supplement their home education courses with classes offered by their public school would enable families to maximize the educational potential for students. Under existing laws, school districts would even be entitled to Department of Education funding for the part of the school day that homeschoolers participate in their courses.”

Wolf’s many vetoes: A history in charts

Since taking office, Gov. Wolf has used his veto pen 54 times, more than any other governor in decades. City & State PA charted out Wolf’s vetoes vs. approved legislation and gave a breakdown of the veto tally by year and topic. Take a look here.

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