News & Brews May 20, 2022

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U.S. Senate primary still too close to call

The GOP primary contest between Dr. Mehmet Oz and David McCormick remains too close to call, as the two are virtually tied with thousands of ballots left to count. Even once the votes are counted, the small margin may likely trigger an automatic recount. Meanwhile, both candidates say they’ll eventually come out on top.

And state Senate primary also too close to call

On the state Senate front, the GOP primary race between Senate Appropriations Chair Pat Browne and challenger Jarrett Coleman also remains too close to call. Coleman declared victory yesterday, but his 30-vote lead is slim enough that Browne is not conceding until remaining ballots, including provisional and absentee ballots, are counted.

Barletta says this past race was his last

Former Congressman Lou Barletta, who came up short in the GOP primary race for governor, said he will hang up his campaign hat and not run for office again. “I walked off the political stage last night for good,” Barletta said Wednesday, adding “I have no regrets. It’s time to spend time with my daughters and grandkids. I spent a lot of time between serving in office and growing our business. When we first started (the business), the kids were small. I finally have time to give them.”

WSJ Editorial: ‘Welcome to stop the steal, PA primary edition’

PA is giving the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board lots of fodder this week, and not in a good way. A new editorial blasts former President Trump’s statement that Mehmet Oz should declare victory despite thousands of yet-to-be-counted ballots that could alter whether he or McCormick is in the lead. Without evidence, Trump claims Pennsylvania is “finding votes” and suggests the election may be “rigged.” The Journal warns that if McCormick wins, Trump’s actions “could discourage Republicans from supporting him in November, giving away a winnable Senate seat.”

State Treasurer Garrity backs lawsuit to stop RGGI

State Treasurer Stacy Garrity is backing a lawsuit challenging Gov. Wolf’s unilaterally forcing Pennsylvania into the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). The suit was filed in April in Commonwealth Court by a group of unions and energy companies.Read Garrity’s press release here.

Senate GOP extends vendor contract to investigate 2020, 2021 elections

Even as ballots have been cast in 2022, Senate Republicans are continuing their investigations of the 2020 and 2021 elections in Pennsylvania. PennLive reports the Senate GOP has extended its taxpayer-funded contact with Iowa-based Envoy Sage, saying the firm is still needed as part of the investigation. Democrats, however, argue the continued investigation is a waste of time and money, an interesting argument from the party that typically has no problem wasting money.

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