News & Brews April 26, 2022

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Here’s how the GOP can lose the PA governor’s race

Kyle Sammin writes in RealClear Pennsylvania that given a national political climate that’s terrible for Democrats, the race for Pennsylvania governor “is the Republicans’ race to lose. But they can still lose it.” How? By nominating a candidate “who represents an extreme fringe of the party.” Read the full piece here.

Watch replays: Senate candidates meet for debates

The Inquirer gives its four takeaways from last night’s Republican Senate debate (spoiler alert: three of the four takeaways have to do with Trump). You can watch the replay of the full debate here. Separately, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review summarized last night’s Democrat Senate debate, which you can watch here.

Shapiro launching TV ads

Democrat Josh Shapiro is running unopposed for his party’s nomination for governor, but he’s still putting about $1 million into two TV ads that will begin airing today. The Inquirer reports, “The first is a 60-second ad about Shapiro’s record in office and family life, building off his name recognition from winning statewide races in 2016 and 2020. He’s also got a 30-second ad about his office’s wrangling with a ‘predatory loan company’ that resulted in $1.8 million in canceled student loans.” Read more here.

Q&A with a few gubernatorial candidates

The Erie Times-News spoke with several gubernatorial candidates on topics ranging from criminal justice and the minimum wage to environmentalism and election integrity. Here are the interviews with Josh Shapiro, Jake Corman, Charlie Gerow, and Nche Zama.

New lawsuit seeks to halt RGGI

In the wake of the publication of Gov. Wolf’s rule forcing Pennsylvania into the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, “owners of coal-fired power plants, owners of coal mines and labor unions that mine coal and maintain the power plants” filed a lawsuit in Commonwealth Court yesterday, arguing the regulation is “patently unlawful.” The AP has more.

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