News & Brews March 29, 2022

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As filing deadline passes, legislative landscape takes shape

Yesterday was the deadline for candidates for state House and Senate to file for the May 17 primary election. As the field takes shape, PennLive broke down the landscape for this November’s elections: Who’s running? (There’s a searchable database.) How many seats are contested this fall? How many of these seats does each party have to win to maintain (or gain) the majority? If you like numbers, you’ll enjoy reading the piece.

YouTube yanks PA GOP gubernatorial forum

YouTube has taken down the video of last week’s GOP gubernatorial forum hosted by the PA Family Institute and Talk Radio WPHT 1210 Philadelphia. Per the Tube, they think the video violates their misinformation policy. It seems the Tube took issue with comments made about the 2020 election (the moderators didn’t ask any questions about the election, so the Tube must not have liked an answer given by one or more candidates). You can still watch the forum on Facebook or listen here. Meanwhile, if you’d like an example of the factual content that YouTube allows, check out this video of a snowboarder getting chased by a bear (oh wait, that’s actually fake … but still on the Tube).

House committee to consider lifeline scholarships today

This morning, the House Education Committee is scheduled to vote on legislation, sponsored by Rep. Clint Owlett (Tioga, Bradford, and Potter counties) that would establish lifeline scholarships. Under this program, “parents with school age children (1st through 12th grade) who reside within the attendance area of a district school in the bottom 15% of performance metrics based on state testing would be eligible to receive a scholarship to offset costs associated with choosing an alternative academic setting that meets their child’s individual learning needs,” Owlett explained in his co-sponsorship memo. The 9:30am voting session will be live-streamed here.

Editorial: Private sector raising wages

I was shocked—shocked, I say—to discover that private companies are raising wages absent government mandates. Who knew it was possible for the private sector to self-regulate to meet labor’s supply and demand? What’s more, without government’s heavy hand, some private companies are raising wages even BEYOND what Gov. Wolf wants. It’s astounding—that is, unless you understand Economics 101 and free-market capitalism, in which case, duh.

‘People’s Convoy’ comes to Harrisburg

Truck drivers who had headed to DC to protest government COVID mandates made their way through Harrisburg yesterday, gathering at the Capitol to support a Medical Freedom Rally hosted by state Sen. Doug Mastriano. PennLive has the story and photos from the event.

Senate to hold hearing today on RGGI impact

The Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee and the Community, Economic and Recreational Development Committee will hold a joint hearing this morning on the economic impacts of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). Scheduled to testify are the Independent Fiscal Office, the PA Chamber of Business & Industry, the National Federation of Independent Business, the PA Manufacturers’ Association, the VA Manufacturers’ Association, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, and the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers Local 154. The 10am hearing will be live-streamed here.

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