News & Brews March 21, 2022

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Will Green Party gubernatorial candidate take votes from Shapiro?

After Christina Digiulio announced her candidacy for governor as the Green Party candidate, City & State PA notes, “Seeking the support of environmental organizations, Digiulio’s campaign could take away voters from Attorney General Josh Shapiro, the lone Democratic candidate in the gubernatorial race, if they feel his climate policies don’t go far enough.” This raises the question: Will Democrats try to get Digiulio kicked off the ballot as they successfully did with the Green Party presidential candidate in 2020 to boost President Biden’s chances in PA? We’ll see.

Dem. U.S. Senate candidates on the issues

Yesterday, the leading Democrat candidates for U.S. Senate participated in a forum at Carnegie Mellon University. Topics ranged from Ukraine and expanding the size of the Supreme Court to the filibuster and the size of tech companies. Both the Post-Gazette and the Tribune-Review summarized the event, with each focusing on certain topics.

Op-Ed: Josh Shapiro’s misplaced priorities

As Democrat Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Josh Shapiro makes campaign TikTok videos (while simultaneously using his official office to go after TikTok),Philly hit record homicides last year. Maybe some priorities need shifting? I wrote about it for Broad + Liberty.

The Left’s ‘dark money’

Remember when the Left was all in a ruckus over what they portrayed as ‘dark money’, which, of course, they suggested was a sin of the Right? Well, pot and kettle and all. The Inquirer reports on the so-called ‘dark money’ group backing Josh Shapiro. Mind you, we’ve long been fans of private giving. But it’s ironic to see the Left’s guilt at what they claimed to abhor.

Commission to vote on Wolf’s charter regulations today

The Independent Regulatory Review Commission is scheduled to vote today on Gov. Wolf’s regulations targeting charter and cyber charter schools. Last week, Republican majorities on the House and Senate education committees voted to disapprove of the regulations, but PennLive reported that the “odds are in Wolf’s favor.” The 10am meeting will be live-streamed here.

Marking two years since Gov. Wolf’s shutdowns

Saturday marked the two-year anniversary of Gov. Wolf’s March 19, 2020 order closing businesses across Pennsylvania. The Commonwealth Foundation reflected on the still-present impacts of that order and outlined several steps lawmakers can take to revive our economy.

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