News & Brews March 14, 2022

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Biden comes to Philly, tells Dems to run on their record … ummm

Speaking at a Democrat retreat in Philly on Friday, President Biden advised Dems to tout their policy victories during this year’s election season, reminding them to remind voters that Democrats—and Democrats alone—had passed the American Rescue Plan. Given that Washington’s policies have directly contributed to the massive inflation we’re seeing, maybe reminding voters that Democrats—and Democrats alone— did this might not be the Left’s best campaign strategy. Just sayin’.

A look at learning loss during Covid

The Sunbury Daily Item talks with educators—and the state’s biggest teachers’ union—about the impact of school closures on student learning. The head-banging quote in this piece comes from PSEA President Rich Askey, who said, “We don’t need standardized test results to tell us that students have struggled over the past two years.” You’ll recall that Askey’s union fought to keep schools closed during Covid while opposing giving kids options to get the education that best meets their unique learning needs.

PA unemployment rate remains higher than national average

The AP reports that while Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate fell one tenth of a percentage point in January to 5.4%, the rate remains higher than the 4% national rate. In fact, “The gap between Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate and the national rate is among the widest it has been in decades.” Meanwhile, “the labor force grew for just the second month since September 2020.” Read the story here.

Q&A with Jeff Bartos

As polls show former hedge fund CEO David McCormick and celebrity Dr. Mehmet Oz leading in the GOP primary race for U.S. Senate, Montgomery County real estate developer Jeff Bartos spoke with City & State PA on what distinguishes him from his Republican challengers, what he believes are the top issues facing Pennsylvania, the first piece of legislation he would sponsor if elected, and more. Read the story here.

Op-Ed: Return PA to two-year budget cycle

Republican Senator Ryan Aument (Lancaster County) has an op-ed in the Erie Times-News advocating for Pennsylvania to return to the two-year budget cycle it abandoned in 1959. Aument writes, “A two-year budget would require revenue projections well into the future” and would take longer to put together, allowing the entire General Assembly to be a part of the process. Read Sen. Aument’s piece here.

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