News & Brews November 30, 2021

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Report: PA ranks 19th among states for economic freedom

In a ranking based on 10 variables related to government spending, taxes, and labor market regulation, Pennsylvania ranked 19th among U.S. states for economic freedom. The ranking, compiled by the Fraser Institute in its “Economic Freedom of North America 2021” report, notes PA was 9th best in the nation for labor market regulation but 29th out of 50 for taxes and 32nd out of 50 for government spending. What were the top 10 states? New Hampshire, Tennessee, Florida, Texas, Virginia, Georgia, South Dakota, Idaho, North Dakota, and North Carolina.

Report: PA shows strong natural gas production growth in 2021

StateImpact Pennsylvania notes that a report from the state’s Independent Fiscal Office “shows Pennsylvania drillers are producing more natural gas while slowing the rate at which they drill new wells.” The story further notes, “Through August of this year, the commonwealth had the strongest year-over-year growth of any top-five gas-producing state at 7.7 percent. Pennsylvania made up 18.7 percent of nationwide production through August. If that holds, it would be the state’s highest share on record.”

Report: PA’s ranks 39th in highway conditions

Who doesn’t love a good pothole? (Don’t answer that.) According to a new report from the Reason Foundation, PA ranks 39th in the nation in highway performance and cost-effectiveness. From the report: we spend nearly $20,000 more per lane mile in total road spending than the national average, but rank near the bottom. Clearly the answer is more spending. Oh wait, just kidding!

Op-Ed: Dem walkout shows lack of civility

Isabel Blank, Communications Director at Americans for Fair Treatment, had an op-ed in Broad + Liberty noting that Democrats displayed a lack of civility by walking out of a hearing on public sector labor reform and refusing to listen to the testimony of a public high school teacher who took the day off from work and drove two hours to Harrisburg to testify. Read Isabel’s piece here.

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