News & Brews November 24, 2021

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Drew Crompton concedes Commonwealth Court race

Yesterday, Drew Crompton, the Republican candidate for Commonwealth Court, conceded the race to Democrat Lori Dumas. A recount was mandated after Judge Dumas finished within a half-percentage point ahead of Crompton. “I extend my sincere congratulations to Kevin Brobson, Megan Sullivan, Stacy Wallace and Lori Dumas,” Crompton tweeted. “Our state election process needs improvements but that shouldn’t diminish the victories achieved.” Read more.

PSERS: How did we get here?

If you’re riding a little too high on pumpkin pie tomorrow, get a firm dose of reality from this detailed primer on the PSERS scandal and what’s next for the management of the $73 billion pension plan. Check out the Philadelphia Inquirer’s guide to the PSERS scandal, and why the FBI is interested in the big pension fund.

Policy Report: Who’s afraid of school choice? 

Too much ink has been spilled about how to interact with (the horror!) family members who don’t agree with you on every single policy issue this Thanksgiving. You don’t need advice on that, but maybe you do need to better understand how data can debunk the most prevalent school choice criticisms. Check out this report from EdChoice: Who’s Afraid of School Choice? Examining the Validity and Intensity of Predictions by School Choice Opponents.

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