News & Brews September 13, 2021

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Lawmakers to consider making temporary regulatory waivers permanent

As some temporary regulatory COVID waivers, such as “allowing out-of-state practitioners to treat patients in Pennsylvania, permitting retired or lapsed professionals to return to medicine, and expanding who could give a vaccine,” are set to expire at the end of this month, lawmakers plan to reconvene and consider whether some of these waivers should be made permanent. The Commonwealth Foundation recently gave a run-downof multiple ways lawmakers can sustain the progress made by the temporary waivers.

Teachers’ union says ‘white parents’ are the problem

The state’s largest teachers union plans to offer a workshop looking at “a key driver in what is blocking educational integration and equity: the actions of White families.”I’m not kidding. While the Pennsylvania State Education Association fights tooth and nail to stop kids from escaping failing schools, apparently the PSEA thinks white parents are really the problem. Broad + Liberty’s Todd Shepherd has more.

Wolf says he’ll provide more COVID data

In the letter Gov. Wolf sent last week to lawmakers (responding to their request for more COVID data), Wolf said his administration will begin providing vaccination data by legislative district and also plans to release info on COVID breakthrough cases. Read the letter here.

Hearing will look at local government ‘positives’ during COVID

As the battle over local control continues, the House and Senate local government committees will hold a joint hearing at 10am this morning to look at the “positives” experienced for local governments during the COVID pandemic. The hearing can be live-streamed here, and this link also has additional links to some of the testimony that will be presented.

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